Housing Advocacy

Violent crime often impacts a survivor’s home or housing.

Some common statements made by survivors in the weeks and months following a violent crime are:

“I am having trouble paying my rent because of the crime.”
“I need assistance with government housing or Section 8 vouchers.”
“I need assistance dealing with my private landlord on crime-related issues.”
“I am homeless because of the crime and I need shelter.”
“I need to relocate out of town due to domestic violence.”

To address these challenges, MOVA and other government agencies fund a range of housing advocacy services in Massachusetts. Housing advocates may be able to help assess your housing needs and work to identify resources that may be available to assist you.

General information about housing assistance in Massachusetts can be found on the Department of Housing and Community Development website at: http://www.mass.gov/hed/economic/eohed/dhcd/how-to-obtain-housing-assistance.html.

To locate free services near you, use our Find Help Near You service or call MOVA Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM at (844)-878-MOVA (6682).