Legal Assistance & Advocacy

Civil legal services may be available to help support crime victims’ safety and recovery. If you are a victim of crime, you may have one of the following common civil legal needs or questions:

“I want information about my legal options after the crime.”
“I was sexually assaulted while in college or high school; what are my legal rights?”
“Can a restraining order help protect me?”
“I need help understanding child custody.“
“I need legal help with my immigration status because of the crime.”
“My child (in grades K-12) needs educational accommodations because of the crime.”
“I am disabled and work because of the crime. What are my rights?”
“My landlord wants to evict me because of the crime. Who will help me in court?”

The Civil Legal Aid for Victims of Crime (CLAVC) initiative helps victims of crime throughout Massachusetts with their civil legal problems. To obtain civil legal aid, contact CLAVC at

To learn more about your civil legal rights in Massachusetts, please explore the following website: .

To locate free services near you, use our Find Help Near You service or call MOVA Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM at (844)-878-MOVA (6682).